Shopkeeper offer after onion price hike giving one kg onion on buying smartphone know about it

Since May, onion costs have kept on rising. Additionally, because of the expanded costs of onions, individuals are currently paying more cash than previously. As of now the cost of squares has come to past Rs 100 for each kg in many conditions of the nation. In this circumstance, a Tamil Nadu businessperson has taken a one of a kind idea to sell cell phones. Under this offer, one kg of onion is being given to clients for nothing subsequent to buying the cell phone. Truth be told, Satish, who runs a store called STR Mobile in Pattukkottai, has said that a kg of onion will be offered allowed to clients who purchase portable from their shop. He has additionally said that we need to profit our clients, that is the reason we have offered this offer. Give me a chance to disclose to you that the cost of squares in Tamil Nadu is Rs 140 for each kg as of now.

Retailer Satish got great reaction from clients

Satish says that since the presentation of this offer, he has gotten great reaction from clients. Then again, a client has likewise said that I required both cell phone and onion and now I have gotten the two things through this offer.

Another client has said that I was going to purchase the telephone at another shop, yet when I came to realize that I am getting a stop on purchasing portable here, I promptly purchased the telephone from this shop. Be that as it may, before this no businessperson had offered such an offer.

Onion cost of Rs 200 for each kg in Madurai

In spite of endeavors by the administration, onion costs the nation over have established another precedent. Onion costs are expanding quickly step by step. In Madurai, one kg onion is being sold for 200 rupees. In this unique situation, an agent Moorthy says that the clients who used to purchase five kilograms of onions prior, are presently purchasing just a single kilogram of onions.

Government made this stride

The legislature has forced stock breaking points on brokers, with the goal that accumulating can be halted.

Aside from this, to offer alleviation to the individuals, the administration is selling onions at the pace of Rs 23.40 per kg.

The legislature has separated 57,000 tons of onions from its support stock.

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